Andi Bautista

Andi Bautista is head of the student team at Christie Migration Agents.  He oversees the international student enrolments as part of the student team.


He started his career in the hospitality industry and had years of work experience in the Philippines and abroad specializing in the front-of-the-house operation. He also had to reroute my career to a customer service job in a contact center undertaking flight reservations and e-commerce.

Christie Migration Agents welcomed Andi as part of the team in 2022 and was assigned as a school enrollment officer and began assisting our clients to take their first step toward studying in Australia. 

He finds it satisfying to be able to contribute a small part to our client's journey toward becoming an international student. He can also relate to them as his childhood dream of living abroad came to fruition on cruise ships and the UAE.  Every day at work is a chance for him to witness the start of someone's journey in making a change in life through international education.