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  • Belinda Christie

Benefits of Getting Australian Citizenship

Australia has become a new centre of attraction for those who are looking to migrate for better opportunities and living a prosperous life. More than 5 million people have migrated since Australian Citizenship was first introduced in 1949 and showed no signs of decline yet.

So what makes Australia so appealing to people? Here are some of the major benefits you’ll get with Australian Citizenship.

Have the Australian Passport

Having the 7th most powerful passport in your pocket is quite a big deal which can get you to travel to 170 countries without a visa. According to the Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index, this is one of the best passports in the world for travelling. If you need help with your passport and visa concerns, speak with our reliable migration agents in Australia.

Citizenship for Your Children

After getting your citizenship, your overseas-born kids can get Australian Citizenship by descent, giving them the same right as of the child born in Australia.

Eligibility to Join the Army

Australian Defence Force recruits only Australian Citizens, thus it makes you eligible to join Army once you get the citizenship.

Get Study Loan from HELP

A federal government’s Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) lets Australian Citizens defer study costs until you are earning enough to repay.

Represent Australia in Sports Field

Being a sportsman and moving to another country can be risky in some countries but not in Australia. Having Australian Citizenship will make you eligible to represent Australia at the international sports events.

Vote and Join Politics

Being an Australian Citizen makes you eligible to get into politics, and vote during the elections., It is mandatory for every person who is 18 years or over to cast vote or get a fine of up to 180$.

Protection from Deportation

The brightest side of being an Australian Citizen is that you can stay outside of Australia as long as you want, during the period of your visa, without fear of being deported. However, it doesn’t apply if you commit crimes after becoming a citizen. Permanent residents don’t have this advantage as they can be deported depending upon the severity of their crimes.

These and many more benefits may be enough to have you opt for Australian Citizenship. If you are making up your mind to go for Australian Citizenship or have any question regarding immigration and visa, turn to a reliable international visa agency. Melbourne families can turn to Christie Migration Agents – experts in helping visa applicants obtain the visa they desire. Call us at 1300-268-123 for a free assessment.

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