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Belinda Christie Migration Agent

Belinda Christie

Founder, Director and Senior Registered Migration Agent

MARN: 1682855

Our Director and Senior Registered Migration Agent, Belinda Christie, spent a decade working for the Department of Home Affairs prior to starting Christie Migration Agents.  During her time as an Immigration Officer, she saw firsthand the value great registered migration agents provided to clients, but also the disastrous consequences unregistered or unknowledgeable agents caused for visa holders and applicants.  

Belinda not only granted and refused visas during her time as an Immigration Officer, but she also cancelled visas.  She starred in several episodes of the television show, Border Security, and you can watch an episode here.

Belinda has a strong need to help people achieve their visa and migration goals.  She works extremely hard as she knows what a difference a good agent can make to her clients in terms of being stress-free during the process and achieving a positive outcome on their case.

Although Belinda is born and raised in Australia, she herself was an immigrant herself to the United States of America.  She did not have a streamlined pathway and had a long and anxious process.  She understands the stress and rollercoaster of emotions when waiting for a visa outcome which allows her to empathise with her clients. 


Belinda also knows how to think like a case officer, allowing her to have knowledge many other agents do not have.  Not only does she ensure she keeps up to date with ever-changing Australian migration law, but she can also understand what a case officer might think about a case.  This allows her to tailor her advice to her clients and compile applications with the best chance of a positive outcome.   

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