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If your spouse or de facto partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, we can assist you in applying for an Australian partner visa.  If you are engaged to an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, we can assist you in applying for a prospective marriage visa.  

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)

The subclass 300 visa is for couples that are engaged and the applicant is outside of Australia.  Once this visa is granted, the applicant has 9 months to enter Australia and marry their partner.  They can then apply for the Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820 visa).

Temporary Partner Visas (Subclass 820 and 309)

There are two different subclasses for the temporary partner visa, the subclass 820 visa and the subclass 309 visa.  The subclass 820 visa is for applicants applying in Australia, whilst the subclass 309 visa is for applicants applying whilst offshore.

Permanent Partner Visas (Subclass 801 and 100)

There are two different subclasses for the permanent partner visa, the subclass 801 visa and the subclass 100 visa.  The subclass 801 visa is for applicants applying in Australia and currently holding a subclass 820 visa, whilst the subclass 100 visa is for applicants holding a subclass 309 visa.

The permanent partner visa can be applied for two years from the date of lodging the temporary partner visa application.  In order to be granted this visa, you need to continue to be in a genuine relationship with your sponsor.  There may be an opportunity for an applicant to apply directly for permanent residency if you meet certain guidelines.  


Once you are granted this visa, you are a permanent resident of Australia. 

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