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Family in Park

Family Visas

Acquiring family visas can be a long and complex process.  Reach out to Christie Migration Agents to receive help obtaining a family visa for Australia. We can guide you every step of the way.

Types of Family Visas

Australian citizens and permanent residents may bring their family members to Australia under various family visa processes.

Parent Visa - click here for more info

There are various parent visas for those whose children are Australian citizens, permanent residents or Eligible New Zealand citizens in Australia.  Depending on how many children reside in Australia will depend whether you are eligible for a permanent or temporary visa.  

Child Visa - click here for more info

Biological, adoptive or stepchildren may be eligible to join their Australian citizen or permanent resident parents in Australia if they are under a certain age. 

At Christie Migration Agents, we can guide you as to the best pathway for family members to migrate to Australia.  Book an appointment with one of our registered migration agents today.

Contact Us Today For A Free Briefing About Your Visa Options.

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