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Family Visa

Acquiring family visa can be complex and granted after undergoing tough procedures which include sponsorship and a pile of relevant paperwork to submit. Reach out to Christie Migration Agents to receive help obtaining a family visa for Australia. We can help you submit the visa application, prepare the visa file, and guide you on every step.

How Can You Join Your Family?

An expert immigration agent can help families get sponsorship from an Australian or New Zealand citizen. Whether your family visa case has been stuck or you need assistance to start the procedure, reach out to a professional consultant. Christie Migration Agents can check your eligibility and begin the visa application process without any delays or chance of denial.

Types of Family Visas

Dependent Visa
The citizens can easily bring their family members to Australia with a dependent visa. If your spouse or children are living in Australia, Christie Migration Agents can help you get a dependent visa so you can easily migrate.

Parent Visa

A parent whose kids are permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand can apply for a parent visa. We provide family visa services to many applicants who wish to live in Australia with their children. To ensure the visa process runs smoothly, consult Christie Migration Agents, a parent visa agent, Melbourne families can trust.

Prospective Marriage Visa

Christie Migration Agents have years of experience in helping clients obtain a marriage visa and visit Australia. If you want to live with your spouse in Australia and want a marriage visa quickly, it is better to get in touch with an experienced immigration agent.

Partner Visa

If you are in a de facto relationship or have a fiancé in Australia, Christie Migration Agents can help you acquire a partner visa. After assessing your eligibility, an expert consultant can help you fill the visa application, attach relevant documents, and submit them to the Immigration Department.

Child Visa

If you wish to migrate to Australia to live with your parents, consult a trusted child visa firm. Melbourne families can get in touch with Christie Immigration Agents who have previously helped many applicants get a child visa and family visit visa for Australia.

To talk to an immigration consultant, Melbourne residents can contact Christie Migration Agents. Call us now at 1300 268 123 and book a free assessment.

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