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Parent Visa 

A professional visa consultancy in Melbourne, Christie Migration Agents, has been helping foreign families to come to Australia and settle with their loved ones. The process of sponsorship, documentation, and other requirements can be long and depressing. Our team of high-calibre registered migration agents in Melbourne understand the hassle related to this process and can manage all of your visa responsibilities to help you meet all the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP).

Our knowledgeable parent visa agents can offer affordable services along with expert advice and guidance on confusing and difficult migration situations to help you increase your chances of approval.

Parent Visa

Eligible parents can migrate to Australia if their natural or adopted child or step-child is living in Australia as a citizen or a permanent resident. To file an application for a parent visa, you must be sponsored by your child – an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


Basically, there are six types of Parent visa which fall into two main categories – Contributory Parent Visa and Non-Contributory Parent Visa. This visa may also be classified on the basis of temporary and permanent residence and the applicant’s age.

Eligibility Requirements

While different categories have their own specific eligibility criteria, the following are the main requirements you need to fulfil to apply for a parent visa in Australia.

• Applicant’s child must be a settled Australian permanent resident or citizen, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand
• Applicant must be sponsored by his or her child or child’s partner (spouse or de-facto) in Australia who should be over the age of 18
• If the child of the applicant is a minor or under the age of 18, a spouse or de-facto partner, community organization or guardian can sponsor the applicant
• The child must lawfully live in Australia for two years immediately before lodging the application. However, in some cases, a shorter period of time can be considered if the applicant proves he or she is settled
• Applicants must pass the Balance of Family test, which associates the number of children the applicant has residing inside and outside of Australia
• Meet health and character requirements
• In some cases, family members like dependent children or partner can be added to the application
• There should be no outstanding debts owing to the Commonwealth
• When the application is ready to be finalized, an assurance of support bond is required from the sponsor of the applicant. This payment ensures that applicant has enough funds to support him or herself that he or she doesn’t need to rely on the government social security. The bond will get refunded once the applicant obtains the visa. If there are any debts to the Commonwealth, they will be deducted
• There are no limits on age for parent visas, but the applicant must be of the relevant age to apply for Aged Parent visas
• The applicant can work, study, and access Medicare in Australia once granted the Parent visa

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