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Marvin Dungaya

Marvin Dungaya joined Christie Migration Agents after working in the Business Processing Outsourcing industry for over 10 years where he developed his extraordinary communication and customer service skills.  He is passionate about assisting clients with their visa processing and ensuring they are well taken care of during the process.

Marvin is extremely diligent in ensuring his knowledge is up to date with Australian visa processes to ensure his knowledge is current.  

Marvin manages the family and tourist visa caseloads.  He seeks guidance from the Senior Registered Migration Agent continuously and although all migration advice is only provided by the Agent, Marvin ensures a smooth process for clients and seeks a positive result for each client. 


Traveling to Australia is now one of his dreams and he surely understands clients' excitement to migrate, travel or study in Australia. 

Marvin can be contacted at [email protected]

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