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Partner Visa

If your partner is living in Australia and a legal citizen, then migration agents in Melbourne can help you get a partner visa for immigration. Having a partner visa can allow you to stay legally in Australia with your spouse. We can also help you get permanent residency if you wish to move permanently to Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

Marrying an Australian citizen can allow you to apply for a partner visa and migrate to Australia. Even if you are eligible to obtain a partner visa, there can be a few complications you might face. Our experienced immigration expert can help you get a partner visa so you can meet your spouse and finally live together.

Types of Partner Visas

There are two types of partner visas.

Temporary Partner Visa

If you are overseas while we are helping you apply for a partner visa, then you should stay outside Australia when the temporary visa is granted. Having a temporary partner visa can help you travel to Australia and work legally. Christie Migration Agents can help you obtain a temporary partner visa for Australia after assessing your case and preparing the relevant paperwork. To get a temporary partner visa, Melbourne families can get in touch with us.

Permanent Partner Visa

We can assist you in speeding up the application procedure of a permanent partner visa because it might take time if you are applying on your own. A professional immigration agent can tell you all the necessary requirements and get the paperwork ready before you apply.

If you want to stay in Australia with your partner, visa consultant can assist you with the application process. Get in touch with Christie Migration Agents to receive professional help and acquire a permanent partner visa. Melbourne residents can call us at 1300 268 123 for a free assessment 

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