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Permanent Partner Visa

If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen and want to move permanently to the country, you require a permanent partner visa. Melbourne residents can reach out to an expert consultant at Christie Migration Agents if they need to obtain a permanent partner visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Obtaining a permanent partner visa requires you to get a temporary partner visa first and then submit the visa application accordingly. A professional consultant can help you prepare the relevant paperwork, filling the application, and get a partner visa to live and work in Australia. The eligibility criteria might change if you are in a de facto relationship.

What Happens if Your Current Visa Expires?

If your Australia visa expires before you receive the partner visa, our immigration consultant can still help you stay in the country with your spouse. Christie Migration Agents can help you stay in Australia by getting a Bridging Visa A instead.

Need Any Help?

To avoid any kind of complications in the whole visa application process, it is better to consult an international visa agency. Melbourne couples can stay together in Australia with the help of Christie Migration Agents. Give us a call today at 1300 268 123 and schedule a free assessment.

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