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14 Reliable Tips to Follow before Moving to Australia

Emigrating from one country to another isn’t an easy task. You will need to take care of a lot of things and keep track of all of your stuff and documentation you are going to need at the airport. To ensure a worry-free trip, the international visa agency in Melbourne would like you to go through this list and double check on the documentation you have packed.

  1. Keep all the important documents in a travel file, including marriage certificates, bank and mortgage statements, birth certificates, driver’s license, and documents of insurance policies.

  2. Also keep an electronic copy of all of the important documents, in case if you don’t have access to your file while traveling or if you may need to email any of the documents.

  3. Take any medical files as well as a copy of prescriptions. If you are traveling with children, ensure that you get a copy of their immunization records.

  4. If you need medication, make sure to carry enough medication which can last until you find a new doctor in Australia.

  5. To reduce the paperwork, scan the copies of children’s school reports and your resume and save these documents in a memory stick or on email.

  6. Wind up any utility accounts such as the internet, phone, gas, and power. Also, provide them with a forwarding address to send the final statements.

  7. If you are closing your bank accounts, make sure to leave a low fee account for any last minute banking needs. Also, make sure you have updated signing authority and provide any contact details like email or fax number if possible.

  8. Review all of your insurance and cancel the ones which are not relevant like house, car, and other contents.

  9. Take your pension or superannuation documents and make sure all the statements are showing updated balance. Also, find out if they can be transferred to Australia.

  10. Inform the contacts about your new address and redirect your mail.

  11. Transfer your existing address book to a separate email address or save them on a USB memory stick.

  12. Get in touch with your accountant to take any tax advice and inform them about your new location and address.

  13. Inform your solicitor about your relocation and ensure your will is up to date.

  14. Get a reference letter if you are going to rent in Australia. If you’ve rented previously, you can get a letter from the owner or property manager. Those who own property can get a reference letter from their respective property manager. Make sure you’ve at least 6-8 months of rent in advance, as most rental properties in Australia requires four weeks deposit and advance monthly payments.

These are a few things to know before moving to Australia. However, if you need any more help or have questions about the immigration process, get in touch with the reliable Christie MigrationAgents and we would love to guide you and make your whole immigration process a little easier. Call us now at 1300-268-123 or leave us a message at [email protected].

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