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Christie Migration Agents have several years of experience in helping clients with a wide range of immigration services and have gained extensive knowledge while working for the Department of Home Affairs.

Our professional migration agents in Australia are experienced and registered who can provide reliable visa-related services. Besides offering migration services, an expert migration agent in Australia can easily guide people who want to hire and sponsor overseas workers. From helping clients getting business visas to parent visas, partner visas, tourist visas, and skilled visas, our registered migration agents can offer a wide range of services.

By hiring an experienced migration agent in Australia and using our service, you gain access to knowledge other agents do not have.

We have processed and cancelled countless visas and can use this knowledge to provide you with exceptional service helping you make your dreams come true.

We specialise in all visas and complex situations.  This includes representing you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal after a visa refusal or cancellation.

Visa Consultation

Christie Migration Agents can assist with processing many types of Australian visas, the cancellation process of a visa, citizenship applications and representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). We understand applying for a visa can be an emotional and costly exercise. There are lots of variables involved, and it's worrying if visas are cancelled, refused or delayed.

As Registered Migration Agents with more than a decade of experience with Australian immigration, we've assisted people all around the world travel or move to Australia. Because we've worked for the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection, we have unique knowledge that can save you time and money.


We offer expert advice, based on your circumstances, and we can help you achieve your goals.

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Founder, Director and Senior Registered Migration Agent

Initial Consultation

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A 50-minute appointment to discover your needs and tailor a solution via phone, face-to-face or Zoom.

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 We offer many packages depending on your visa needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with a cost-effective process and while providing a service of excellence. Our service price is often determined during an initial consultation

Tourists in Australia

Migration in Australia

A brief overview of Net Overseas Migration (Temporary Visa) in Australia as of June 2020


Kathy – TGS Performance Team Pty Ltd

“As we all know getting visas these day, is no easy task, so after speaking to several agencies, I decided to go with Christie’s Migration. I am so glad I did! It proved to be quite an ordeal to get our staff member sponsorship and in the end we did.


Were it not for Belinda being one step ahead of the authorities, I am sure this is not the result we would have achieved, had I gone with another agent. Her professionalism and most importantly, her understanding of all the bureaucracy and what was required for the visa, is what got us over the line.


I cannot thank her enough and would definitely recommend hers and the services of her team to anyone.”

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Should I choose a Registered Migration Agent or a Lawyer to help with my immigration needs?

Up until now, all immigration lawyers have had to be registered migration agents as well. The laws have changed recently, and any lawyer can give immigration advice even if they have no experience in this area. A registered migration agent specialises in all Australian Migration Law and remains accountable to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Association. The only task an agent can’t do that a lawyer can is to take a matter to court. This in itself is extremely rare for a case to go to court for an immigration matter. A registered migration agent has the knowledge and accountability and specialises in only migration law giving you the expertise required for your immigration needs.

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