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Prospective Marriage Visa 

Christie Migration Agents have been offering professional and reliable advice for individual, corporate, and family immigration taking care of all aspects of migration to Australia. We are also a reliable Child Visa Firm in Melbourne, helping families reunite.

With ten years of knowledge working for the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection, we can guide you throughout your visa process. We can help you understand the requirements and perks of the Prospective Marriage Visa to help you relieve stress and focus on other important things while we make sure you have got the necessary documents and met the requirements of the DIBP.

Our team of trusted Immigration Consultants in Melbourne can offer affordable and high-quality visa and migration services and professional guidance to manage difficult and confusing migration situations.

Prospective Marriage Visa or Fiancé Visa

The Prospective Marriage Visa or fiancé visa is a temporary partner visa which allows the applicant to come to Australia to marry their Australian partner.

This visa is valid for 9 months from the date it is granted. During this time, you are expected to marry your sponsor. You will also be entitled to full employment rights in this duration. Once married, you can apply for permanent residence via a partner visa

Eligibility Criteria

• Be engaged to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen
• Be sponsored by the person you are engaged to
• Intend to marry your fiancé within 9 months the visa is granted
• Must have evidence to clarify your relationship
• The sponsor and the applicant must be aged 18 years or older
• Fulfil health and character requirements

To apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa, you must be outside Australia at the time of application and decision.

With This Visa, You Can

• Stay in Australia for the duration of 9 months
• Include your child/stepchild in the application
• Work and study in Australia
• Apply for permanent residence after marriage

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