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Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 

Christie Migration Agents, leading migration agents in Melbourne, focus on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality of services and aspects of visa process. With a team of Registered Migration Agents, we can offer expert consultation by deeply understanding the requirements of our clients and whatever it can take.

With ten years of knowledge working for the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection, we can offer professional immigration advice and visa guidance.

Christie Migration Agents is a specialist 482 Visa Consultant in Melbourne, VIC, providing affordable services for different types of visas as well.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

The Temporary Skill Shortage (482) visa is a temporary work visa that allows international skilled workers to travel to Australia and work for the employer who has sponsored them. The visa can be lodged both inside and outside Australia. TSS 482 visa is a replacement for the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457). The duration of visa may vary if:

• Your occupation is listed in the MLTSSL list, you will be granted a visa for four years
• Your occupation is listed on the STSOL list, you will be granted a visa for two years

You will be required to work for your sponsoring employer for 3 years to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Visa Streams

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa is divided into three streams

1. Short-Term Stream

The visa is approved for a maximum of two years under STS, and four years is an International Trade Obligation is applicable. You can renew this visa for 2 more years onshore.

2. Medium-Term Stream

The visa is approved for a maximum of four years under this stream. You can renew this visa unlimited times.

3. Labour Agreement Stream

You can apply for this stream if your nominating employer has a labour agreement with the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.

Requirements for the Employer

The TSS 482 visa allows Australian employers to sponsor and nominate overseas employees to work for their company or business. The employer must:

• Perform a Labour Market Testing

• Be willing to pay a minimum market salary rate

A Three-Step Process

The TSS 482 visa involves a three-step process:

1. A sponsorship application by an approved employer.
2. A nomination application by an approved business.
3. A visa application by the nominated applicant

Requirements for the Application/Employee

• Must be nominated for a skilled occupation by an approved sponsor, running a legal and active business
• Have relevant work experience of a minimum of 2 years
• Possess necessary skills and qualifications for the position, and pass the skill assessment if required
• Be proficient in the English language
• Have a valid substantive visa, or a Bridging Visa (either subclass A, B, or C)
• Meet health and character requirements
• Meet specific requirements of the chosen stream
• Meet any other requirements and conditions that apply to this visa application
What This Visa Allows You For

• Include your dependent family members in your visa application
• Travel in and out of Australia
• Family members can work and study in Australia

How We Can Help

Christie Migration Agents  can take care of your business sponsorship, nomination, and visa application procedures. We will ensure all the stakeholders are fully informed and confident in the application process.  Contact us to book an appointment with one of our Registered Migration Agents.

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